DIY Chevron Tray

March 26, 2013

Have I mentioned I love unfinished pieces I find at Michael’s? I found this tray for $4.99 and knew it would be perfect for Kuy’s big boy bed. At first, I destroyed it painted it light gray and the center orange. Obviously, I had no vision for what I wanted it to look like. I put it in the closet once it dried and honestly, forgot about it.

Then, the other day when I was getting out paints for my Striped Frame project, I pulled it out. I had a vision: why not try chevron? I had made a pattern previously when I painted my rugs in my hallway so I knew it would be fairly easy. However, before I began, I knew I had to cover up the ugly orange that I already painted!

Using painter’s tape, I first cut the strip in half because I wanted a thin chevron line.


Next, I started putting the tape down for a pattern. It took me a few tries to get it centered and even. I’m not about perfection in projects so this wasn’t too terribly time-consuming.





After that, I didn’t want to make another pattern so I took the easy way out and sketched the lines with a pencil. Again, not perfect, but it works for the look I was going for (this somewhat backfired because you could see the pencil line through the orange paint).

I began painting with Tempera paint (I’m pretty sure I confiscated this from when I coached cheerleading and we made banners! Don’t tell!). I used a skinny brush and just alternated painting, pulling up tape, and sketching the line.

IMG_6884 IMG_6885

Obviously, these pictures reveal so many imperfections! Luckily, I wasn’t going with perfection. However, I did go back and touch up where the paint seeped through the tape.





 I decided, of course, I wanted to rough it up a little with sandpaper. I’m thinking I may have ruined it in my haste to finish. Now, the whole tray is a little more orange than whitish gray.

After it was complete, I felt like it needed something more. At first, I thought about putting Kuy’s initials in the center to match the monogram on his pillow. After about thirty seconds of debating that, I decided I wanted a phrase. Russ and I brainstormed for a while, I looked on Pinterest, and finally, I thought about “sail away.” Russ told me to stop looking. We agreed on something. Use it.

Here is the almost finished product:



I asked my friend from Cooley’s Creations to make a vinyl print of “sail away” (I’ve got to invest in a Silhouette!) but I want to rough it up a little more before I add it!  What do you think? Any other boyish phrases I could put around his room?


Kuy’s Big Boy Room

March 24, 2013

Kuy’s big boy room definitely evolved over time. After his first birthday, I knew I wanted to do a nautical/vintage/beach theme (That’s what his party theme was and I wasn’t ready to give it up!) but I didn’t want to be so overboard (do you catch the pun?!?) that it looked like the theme threw up all over the room. I just wanted a touch of each of these.

I knew I wanted navy and orange; therefore, since June, anytime I saw something I thought would work in the room, I picked it up. From pillows on clearance at TJ Maxx, then finding the same ones at Home Goods in bigger form for floor pillows, to finding $1 sales at Michael’s…it literally took nine months to decorate this room.

The best finds came when we went to Wilmington for Russ’ Nike Basketball Clinic. While he learned about defense, I was stopping at every thrift store I could find! One store I visited even had items from movies based on Nicholas Sparks that had been filmed there! It was definitely worth the trip.

I stored all of the items I found in a box in the attic until it was time to make the transition. Then, over Christmas, when he turned 18 months, not only was it time, but we actually had time to get it done.

I frantically began my search for a big boy bed. I had pinned several things and realized they were similar. It seemed, I really liked beds like these:

From Posh Tots:


 Hmm…a LITTLE out of my price range, though!

Or like this from Elle Decor:


I loved this pallet wall from (I can’t get the link to the actual place…if anyone knows, please share!)


But also had leaned more towards ones like this that Lori Danelle made…


I kept searching though…visiting numerous websites, Pinterest , trying to talk my dad into making the pallet bed, trying to talk Russ into the pallet wall (all of which attempts were unsuccessful), FINALLY, good ol’ Craig  came through…! I found one for $35…just a regular twin bed I knew I could paint! (I took the before picture on my phone then dropped it in water without backing it up so…only have the finished product! L)

So here’s what we’ve got so far….I don’t want to call it finished because I really want something else above his bed and redo a dresser like this one Stacy made over at  Embracing Change! How cool is it!


Here’s his new room! Thanks Hunter and Brandy for the awesome anchor! 🙂 When Kuy saw it, he said, “Awww…”





Striped Frame



Source List:

Chevron Blanket: One Kings Lane flash sale

Comforter and Sham: Target

Sheets: Target (These aren’t the exact same sheets but they are close!)

Chair: Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Big Pillow: TJ Maxx

Smaller Navy and White Pillows, Burlap and Wire Toy Basket: HomeGoods

Anchor Pillow: One Kings Lane flash lane

Jute Rug: World Market two years ago (this was in our sunroom and I moved it over to Kuy’s room)

Oars: Michael’s (Unfinished pieces…I’ll add tutorial soon!)

Boat Picture: Hobby Lobby two years ago (This was on our mantle, previously.)

Rope Basket and Sailboat: Hobby Lobby summer of 2012

Anchor with rope: Carolina Moon Crafts

Stool: Mine growing up 🙂

Kuy print: Zulily flash sale

Painted Pink Tile

March 21, 2013

When we first moved in our home, we had high hopes of truly demolishing this pink/peach/whatever color you’d like to call it and brown bathroom. However, other things came up, as you well know, and budgets became tighter. So we kept the brown sticky tile (I’m sure there is a real name for the tile but to me, “sticky tile” works!) Previously, the floor was…pink and brown. Could you guess?


Somewhere on Pinterest, I saw paint made specifically to be painted on tile (or bathtubs). I quickly followed the link and ordered white for our bathroom and waited for it to come in. Ha. I wish it was that easy. I searched for it, went to Home Depot, went to Lowe’s, looked on the Internet until I realized it had to be ordered and my weekend project was put off even further. I don’t think you understand quite how badly I wanted to paint over that pink tile!

When it finally came in, of course, it wasn’t a good time so we still waited until finally, it was the day. It was time to paint! We had to get a baby-sitter for Kuy Pie because the. smell. was. horrible. Apparently, it is epoxy paint. Warning: You MUST wear a mask. You MUST only paint for five minutes at a time. You MUST open windows! It is so strong! Fortunately, Russ and I had a great system. I’d paint. He’d paint. I’d paint. He’d paint. It was perfect!


Slowly, but surely, the pink was gone. I really wanted an all white bathroom so once that was dry, we painted the walls white. I pretty much hated it. I really wanted to do a stencil (Martha Stewart from Michael’s) that I had but Russ wasn’t sold. One night, I snuck back there and tried one and he liked it! Whew! I won! I used the same color of our bedroom and a gray we had leftover from another project and it really worked.


More projects quickly followed. We hung a shelf that I got at a consignment sale for $4! I moved some vases from our guest room to the bathroom. I made a sign. I will post a tutorial soon (and the link where I tweaked a tutorial I learned from!). And my best friend, Brandy, well, her mom found these awesome glass jars at a local thrift store for me for cotton balls!


The rug came from Home Goods and the shower curtain that I’m in love with came from West Elm. Oh! And the floor tile! We had brown sticky tile covering up the floor and it worked for a while with the whole pink and brown theme we had going but then I found this gray after we found our vanity! Therefore, I must stop here and tell you the story of the tile, the faucet, and the vanity! Oops!



The tile came from Home Depot, as well. However, it is also an online only purchase.

It was super easy to put down and we actually cut it with scissors. If a tutorial is needed, I’ll be glad to provide one with how we cut around the toilet, etc.

The best story, though, is how we came to replace the sink we had. I absolutely love the end aisles of Lowe’s and Home Depot. There are always clearance items there! Well, we went to Lowe’s to get a couple of things and I knew we needed a faucet and saw the exact one I wanted on display but couldn’t find it with the other faucets. Searching for someone that worked there, I asked the first guy I saw where I could find it. He couldn’t find it either so he said, “Oh yeah, this one is being discontinued. You can have the one off the display vanity.” I can’t even make this up. He took it off. He got a permanent marker. He wrote the price on the box. $15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes, this faucet with the beautiful white handles was $15!! I practically ran across the store to find Russ to tell him! Then, it gets better. We head on over to Home Depot to check out the $40 vanity I’d been eyeing for a while. I couldn’t find it anywhere so I looked at the end of the aisle and oh yes, CLEARANCE! Last one, so it was $25!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost cried I was so excited!


I have big plans to put bead board wallpaper in the panels but for now, I think it works. Not too shappy for $40 total!

Here’s the unfortunate part, this all happened during basketball season and over Christmas so my dad (our resident handyman) nor Russ had any time to install it. Therefore, I had to pay someone. There goes my great deal but hey, I guess it all evens out, right?


Source List/Cost Breakdown:

Toilet paper holder: TJ Maxx $7.99

Shower curtain rod: TJ Maxx

Tile: Home Depot Coastal Gray Tile $50

Vanity: Home Depot $25

Tile Paint: Home Depot White Tub and Tile Refinishing around $60 (it took us two quarts)

Rug: HomeGoods $16.99

Shower curtain: West Elm Gray and White Striped Curtain $39

Shelf: consignment sale $4

Sign: tutorial free

Faucet ($15), Mirror ($30), Light ($30): Lowe’s

So here’s the finish product…what do you think?