More of what we’ve been up to…

May 26, 2013

Lately, we’ve been quite busy. Turns out going from one to two children is a little overwhelming but brings GREAT joy! It’s just a little hard.

We are still in the midst of selling our house in order to continue renovations on the yellow house. We are working on Kuy’s SECOND birthday party, planning my brother’s handyman shower, and still trying to figure out a schedule that allows both children to sleep at the same time!

As we make this transition, we have made a point to cook more, to spend less money (yes, and we gained another child), and to truly recognize the values in which we want to instill in our children. I’ve found several articles in my “free” time, aka while I’m feeding the baby, that have helped us and motivated us…hope you find these inspirational, too!

Pretty Providence had a link to Ruth’s blog about kids and toys and how to eliminate unnecessary items throughout our lives. Both blogs have such powerful messages about how to focus more on relationships in our families and instilling that into our children.

What a great blog for moms of boys! The article includes so much advice for how to love your sons well!

Check back next week for pictures from Kuy’s birthday (Truck and Ball Theme!)!


What We’ve Been Up to Lately…

May 17, 2013

So I started a blog…and rarely post! Seriously…NOT what I had in mind but along came my second child and MY how things changed! I had good intentions of posting on Tuesdays and Fridays and…it’s more like once a week. Please forgive me and hopefully, I will be more consistent very soon! I have so many ideas…from my newfound love with MINT and the changes to my living room and the new shower curtain in the blue bathroom…I cannot wait to share!

For now, I leave you with these:


Family Pic 1



Pinterest Challenge: Frame to Tray

May 8, 2013

Before my newest little man was born, I had the crazy idea to add a new color to my living room color palette. I knew I had a teeny tiny budget so thrift store shopping it was! I found this tutorial from Thrifty and Chic  and knew it would be quick and easy and I could use it as an accessory. You see, I also wanted to paint a coffee table I had previously purchased and the white tray we were using wouldn’t exactly match the cream top of the coffee table. More on that later…

Here are the three simple steps! (Anyone else watch Special Agent Oso with their toddler!??)

I started with this (it was $4):


I went ahead and took out the glass and spray painted the frame with my new favorite color (funny part is, it’s the color of our bedroom and I didn’t even know it!), La Fonda Mirage. Truthfully, this can of spray paint was my inspiration for the whole room and the new color! And no…I didn’t prime or sand the frame beforehand.

spray painted

Next, I took the fabric I had leftover from covering a chair in my living room and covered the cardboard that was in the frame. I even taped it down. I was out of hot glue sticks…


Finally, once the paint was dry, I roughed it up a bit then put the glass down and put the fabric covered board altogether (the tutorial for my inspiration did something different with the glass).

Frame Example

I want to add handles but I can’t decide whether or not to make the commitment. Plus, the baby came two days later so I was officially out of time! What do you think?

Yay!! I’m linking up to Young House Love’s Pinterest Challenge! Here are the team’s projects (AMAZING STUFF!!): Sherry’s, Katie’s, Emily’s, and Renee’s!