The Experience

July 29, 2013

“This is what the Lord says, he who appoints the sun to shine by day, who decrees the moon and stars to shine by night, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar— the Lord Almighty is his name.” (Jeremiah 31:35 NIV)

He who tells the sun to rise each morning certainly can take care of us. He can take care of our every single need. He can hold onto us even when our rope gets too long and we swim too far from shore. Yesterday in Sunday school we talked about numerous projects going on right here around us to reach those in need. I had tears in my eyes thinking about the troubles and sorrows that are right here around us. Right here in our tiny little state. Why are we so oblivious???

As I continue on my mission to simplify our lives, these thoughts swirl around in my head. Is anyone else there? Please tell me I’m not alone in these questions…

Do you question what you can do to change it?

Do you get discouraged by the vast amount of sin taking over our world while simultaneously worrying if you’re doing enough at home with your own kids? Your own job?

Do you often wonder but continuously stand in awe that it is so much bigger than us? So much bigger than whether or not the laundry will get folded. So much bigger than what’s for supper. So much bigger than beds being made.

How do we fight this battle of our tiny little fights but help in the war that wages around us?

How do we overcome the immediate needs of our family while meeting the needs of those around us?

Do you think that’s why God gave each of us individual spiritual gifts? He gave each of us a specific talent and specific role in the lives we live.

Who am I to question it?

He made us to fit together perfectly in His plan in His timing.

I wonder what my presence in my family is. At my school. On this blog. I watch Kuy play and he plays more with the pillows on the couch than the toys in his room. He could run around outside without a single toy. Don’t get me wrong. That child loves a motorcycle and a ball and a truck and all those other toys that are just sitting in his baskets. Yes, he will pull every single toy out when it’s naptime and he’s not ready to go to sleep but what I’m trying to say with all these useless words is what he wants is us. He wants time. He wants simple because having a race is just as much fun to him. He laughs more. He smiles more.

In the latest edition of Homelife, there’s a quote from Oswald Chambers that says, “Never let a hurried lifestyle disturb the relationship of abiding in Him.”

Can we give simple? Can we slow down? Can we simplify things so that we are able to focus on our family therefore using our family time to serve others, too? We are so bogged down with the day to day business that we forget it’s not about us.

It’s about the experience.

Kuy and Cray don’t want the newest and latest toy. They want us. They want our attention. They want our focus.

This is what God wants. He wants us. All of us. He wants to us to experience Him.

He who tells the sun to rise so that we have a new day before us! We have this day to spend in His presence. That experience is what He is after. Whatever your toys are…boats, cars, houses, dining room tables…what you experience while using them is what matters.

He who tells the sun to rise also rose His Son from the dead.

How can we not want to get more of Him?


2 thoughts on “The Experience

  1. I have these same questions so many times myself! The Lord has really challenged me this summer to simplify my life as well, and I’ve found that the more we simplify our lives and take out the ‘stuff’ and activities and things that do not matter, we can see and hear Him more clearly. Thanks for sharing, Amber!

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