31 Days Challenge: Moving

October 1, 2013

Moving outside our comfort zone is hard. It’s tough. It’s a true challenge.


This 31 day challenge for me is more than just our story of moving homes.

It’s about moving my family, moving my faith, and moving outside the comfort of what I know to be easy to actually just doing it.

Getting over the fear of people pleasing and moving to pleasing God above all else.

Getting outside of the walls of our homes and moving to reaching out, no questions asked.

Socrates Quote

From moving the earth to moving things around our house, I plan to make change…a movement, shall we?

Can we do it?

Can we move mountains together?

Four years, three houses, two kids…

It wasn’t easy. Certainly, this last move was the hardest because we had two children involved.

But it was the most worth it.

Had we not moved we would have missed what God had planned.

If we had stayed in one place, we.would.have.missed.it.

I love our new home. It’s not necessarily bigger I’ve learned, but the space is laid out very differently and the layout is much more family friendly. Will I miss our old home? Yes, I can’t replace the memories there and I don’t want to. But we are moving forward and making memories in our new house. We are moving in so many aspects.

But I’m talking about more than just a home. I’m talking about moving in our every day lives. We even moved jobs in the whole four years, three houses, two kids.

But God had a bigger plan.

I’ve decided to just go for it. Kind of like how I am with this whole 31 days thing. I’m nervous. I’m uncomfortable but we are moving. Together.

Brian Tracy Quote

We are learning. We are growing. We are sharing.

We are moving.

Dr. Seuss

Are you ready to move?


I Thought It Would Be Harder

September 16, 2013

I thought it would be harder.


I thought I would miss the old house more. But already, I love this house.

I love the openness. I loved on moving day that everyone stood around and was eating and talking at the bar. I love looking out the window and seeing Kuy play on the deck. I love being able to see Cray play on the floor while I clean up.

I thought I would miss so much about the old house but this is the old, old house we’ve already come to love.

I told Russ on our first night I needed to write a post titled, “How NOT to Move with a Toddler” because there are some things we didn’t do well. AT ALL. Thankfully, we had numerous friends and family to remedy a few situations. Oh, and there was a paci that helped, too. Stop judging. We were tired.


I thought it would be harder to leave.

I thought I would miss seeing Kuy run down the hall.

I thought I wouldn’t make it when Sunday to church I actually put on lanolin because I couldn’t find my lipstick (I know, #firstworldproblems).

I thought the transition would be much harder on me.

I thought a lot of things but I realize how little I thought I knew.

I thought about it.

You see, I agonized over whether or not we were doing the right thing because there were so. many. road blocks. Maybe I was too being too analytical. I agonized over every situation and tried to play them out in my mind so I’d be prepared.

Looking back, I truly feel like the devil was stopping what he knew was planned for this house. Or trying at least.

We questioned but we prayed and cried and prayed and rejoiced and prayed and cried and rejoiced. And somehow it always worked. Whether it was family members helping monetarily or someone giving something away exactly when we needed it or incredible friends giving up their Saturdays or best friends coming over to pack the u-haul the night before they went to the beach, there was always a way.

It just took a little longer than expected.

I thought about it a lot.

And I really thought it would be harder.


What are your moving stories? How did your family make the transition? Did you know lanolin makes great lipstick that lasts through three hours of church? P.S. Excuse the blurry Instagram photos…

P.S.S I’m “trying out” a new blog design. Let me know your thoughts…I know this is probably against all the rules in blogland but I wasn’t loving the black background…

My Plans

September 12, 2013

In case you’re wondering, I won the Mother of the Year award, last night. Cray had a fever after spending two days with Kuy with the same fever, Kuy had just woken up from a five hour nap (yes, you read that right), and supper needed to be made. I won the award for my stunning ability to bounce the littlest one in a sling wrapped around me while trying to hold the pacifier in his mouth and holding a toddler at bay as he stood on the stool right by the stove, all while attempting to brown meat. Don’t judge. We successfully had spaghetti for supper.

That’s a lot for me to share with you because it is obvious what I was doing was dangerous and crazy (Mom, all turned out fine.). Russ is getting his Master’s right now and has class two nights a week. Y’all, I am so proud of him. It’s just a lot to balance but I know it will be so worth it. Needless to say, we are learning how to deal with plans that aren’t our own.

I had big plans to pack last night.

I had big plans to have supper ready by six and kids in bed by eight but when a long nap is the longest ever, that goal turns into just getting supper ready.

I had big plans to have boxes packed for two rooms, at the least, because, of course, the kiddos would go down without a fight.

I had big plans to work on my scavenger hunt for Open House.

What was I thinking?

Has God not already made it clear to me that my plans are far inferior to His plans? Why did it take two sick kids this week to remind me of that? Even my to-do list of plans is inferior and something God cares so deeply about.

I’m learning. Slowly but surely.

I should’ve known when my devotion yesterday morning said this:

“So many people dream of the day when they will finally be happy; when they are out of debt, when their children are out of trouble, when they have more leisure time, and so on. While they daydream, their moments are trickling onto the ground like precious balm spilling wastefully from overturned bottles.” Jesus Calling, Sarah Young

Enjoy these moments.

Yes, I browned meat with two children close by without visiting the ER but five minutes later when I could put the baby down, I looked over and the oldest was kissing the youngest on the head. I had to stop and praise God for those moments.

Enjoy these moments.

Supper has to be made. Laundry has to be done. But as you’re running back and forth (because they need to see that the house doesn’t clean itself), stop and pat their little heads because too soon those little heads will be gone.

Words in the form of a Letter

September 9, 2013

I’ve struggled to find the words I needed for today. I went from maybe posting about a pillow I painted to a dresser I painted to a chalkboard I made (super easy, no work required projects) but I just wasn’t in the DIY “mood.” I longed for some profound words and found none inside my own heart. Today, these words stood out to me and I hope this letter touches you as it did me:

Sandy Hook Mom’s Letter to Teachers

Everything she writes.

An amazing story about how God provides.

Another note of encouragement comes to me from my friend, Brandy, who found it via Christine Caine: “Warfare always surrounds birthing…If you feel like all you know what has broken loose it’s because you are close to giving birth to something new!”

May you remember why you go to work, stay at home, or exist in this world. God is there. God is good. God just…is.