We Will Grow Weary

October 16, 2013

I’m tired. My kids (both biologically and my kids at school) are tired. The teachers are tired. We all need a break. But my friend gave me this amazing CD from Lifeway of women speakers and this quote from Angela Thomas jumped out at me: “It is a misrepresentation to think that in this life we will not grow weary.” We will. We are human! My house is neglected…my floors are a mess. My rug needs vacuumed and my toilets need cleaning. (Feel free to still come over. Just promise you won’t judge. In fact, I have pretty muffins in a pretty cake stand just in case you do. At least , one thing’s in order.)

But even though WE are weary, God never grows weary.

I heard once that God will not not give you more than you can handle but God will keep giving you more until.you.fully.lean.on.Him.
Moving, and writing about moving, has been easier and harder than I thought.
Sometimes I strayed off topic but in it, I’ve grown and I’ve learned.
So today, as rainy and dreary as it is in SC, think about a toddler…..
Stay with me…
We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday with Kuy’s class and they were so excited. They ran everywhere and laughed and squealed and ran and laughed and squealed. My mother-in-law made the comment, “Isn’t it amazing how excited they are about the little things? What if we could all get excited about things like that?”

Profound wisdom, y’all.
So when you are tired today, think about the pure joy we have in HIM. Only there. Lean on Him. It’s what He wants more than anything in the world.

You. He wants you.


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