Simple Weekends…

October 27, 2013

I posted Thursday that I missed a day.

I made a post on Friday and just now noticed, it didn’t post.

It was simple. It was Kuy’s hand in a popcorn bowl titled, “Friday Nights” because that’s all I need.

Anyway, I fell asleep with a baby on the couch again last night and missed another day.

So total, I’ve missed four days in this 31 days challenge. I know I’ve failed, but I feel like I’ve grown, too. The people pleaser in me is taking deep breaths knowing none of you really actually care that I missed a day.



We had a simple weekend. I finally painted some pumpkins and somewhat decorated my front porch. All for free. The pumpkins were all gifts or from Kuy’s trip to the pumpkin patch with school and I mixed paint I already had and spray painted with paint I already had. I covered pillows with scrap material and hot glued stuff together. Cheap, I know. But Halloween is big in our town and my porch was looking pitiful. One day I’ll actually get some plants.

fall porch

We went to a birthday party last night for a little girl that began to make her arrival at a get together last year we attended. It was so cool! (Probably not to them but it makes a great story that her water broke right after taking a group picture!)

We had an amazing Sunday School lesson this morning that I can’t wait to share this week.

We even got a fence put up for the dogs. Finally. We can bring them home. I know my neighbors will be grateful that Neely won’t be escaping anymore!

We had the amazing blessing tonight to attend an ordination of a dear friend and mentor to us. His family is actually the ones that blessed us with a gift for Kuy we had been praying about for a bit that I mentioned last weekend. When I called tonight to tell them how excited we were for their family, her reply voicemail stated, “We are blessed to serve in this community.” Wow. We have so much to learn, y’all.

Hope you had a blessed weekend. We are continuously reminded of God’s blessings.


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