Happy Thanksgiving!

November 30, 2013

That 31 Days Challenge is what I’m blaming for my lack of blogging just because I have to place blame somewhere. I ran out of things to say or stopped having thoughts that I wanted to put into writing (I can’t decide…it’s not that I think I have anything important to say, it’s truly to document these thoughts and moments that come and feel like they change me and remind me of God’s grace and to document our family’s lives and I want to remember that) SO I decided to commence to the Thankful series as in a one day post of what I am thankful for this season.

My list:

This verse:

“He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.” Isaiah 40:11 NIV

This devotional:

Jesus Calling, Sarah Young

This book:

7, Jen Hatmaker


Meaning that my boys take naps.

Pumpkin muffins:

Pumpkin muffins

Polly’s caramel cake that I don’t have a picture of.

Ham and turkey.

My house and the stories behind it.

My amazing friends that take care of me and guide me and offer wisdom.

Family and friends.

These boys:

kuy and cray


An actual picture of all four of us: IMG_0777

And my husband. He’s pretty amazing, too.

I am so thankful to have had our first Thanksgiving at our house last night. We slaved away and got some projects knocked out up until everyone showed up at 5 so today is only for relaxing.

I am so thankful for my families…my parents and Russ’ parents and our brothers and my sister-in-law and my grandmothers and Russ’ grandparents and our cousins and aunts and uncles and the chance to celebrate one Thanksgiving in a house that has been in ONE family for 100 years.

I am so thankful and beyond blessed.

Thanks be to God!


The Black Hood

November 27, 2013


It’s the thing that bothers me. The thing that takes my focus off of the beautiful tree outside my window. The birds that gather outside. The sunlight that hits at just the right angle.

My ugly black hood that just takes the place of something until we get what we want. But how often do we place blame on something else to keep from inviting people over? Well, I’ll host that when this is finished. Oh, I’ll have that small group over when I hang stuff on the wall. Please. What do you (completely meaning me) need to let go of in order to see God’s grace and SHARE His goodness for what it really is?

After a meeting recently, I left feeling completely inferior. I struggled with this and the voices in my head continued to shout insecurities. I had to pray and pray and take deep breaths and pray and just rely on knowing I was doing my best. But deep inside, I knew I could be better. But, there is always a better idea. Always a better solution. Someone’s classroom is always better. Someone’s house is always prettier. I struggled with finding the balance of doing my best while being my best all while trying to remembering this motto.

Then, the next morning my devotion punched me in the face:

“God is not concerned with your performance. God is concerned that whatever you do you’re working for Him.”
Jesus Calling, Sarah Young

Somehow, I found a way to put the focus back on me. What am I doing instead of what am I letting God do through me? Am I making myself available? Am I letting Him live through me or just saying I am when in all honesty crossing off a to-do list in my head of things that I think honor Him?

This morning as I was reading, this hit me, as she always does. GO READ HER POST NOW. Her words. Oh, man. They hit home.

I make excuses. Too many. But, it’s.not.about.me.

Tomorrow, when the holiday season officially hits, let’s make a pact. There’s no complaining. None. You hear me? You get this chance to celebrate it. Invite those people over. Take them with you if they don’t have a place to celebrate. Not everyone is so blessed but they want to be. They want to be a part of it just like you want to be invited when you see your “friends'” statuses on Facebook!

God made you to honor Him in ALL you do. If that’s the truth (and we know it is), then it doesn’t matter what you wear or what you bring or how old the dish you pack is or whether or not that recipe came off Pinterest.

What matters is that this is a season of Thanksgiving. So, thanks be to God. For I am blessed beyond what I ever imagined. Black hood, or not. I am thankful.

Life Happened and a Quick Chair Makeover

I am so slack. It’s been ten days since I lasted posted but things have been crazy (as they have for everyone!!)!

Cray was sick most of last week and really just wanted to be held (no complaining here about the holding part).

This weekend, Russ got sick, again, and claims he has the bubonic plague. No, not really, but seriously, he has a TERRIBLE cough!

So slowly things have moved to the bottom of the to do list.

Priority #1-get everyone well.
Priority #2-clean up after them because as soon as I clean up one space, another is messed up. #firstworldproblems

There are so many little things I want to do, to create, to blog about, but right now, there’s just not time.

So please forgive me. Not my intention at all to neglect this, but for us, life happened (aka basketball season started, football season is still not over, and classes are still Monday and Wednesday nights…oh, and we have two kids under two).

But we are oh, so blessed and I’m not complaining. I’m clearly making excuses. 🙂

Thanks for sticking around.

Here’s a peak at one project I’ve snuck in…(taking words of advice from my DIY friend, it’s just paint so I’ve just started painting random things…like the pads of my chairs). I also painted paper. Hopefully, I can share that this week!

Painted Pad Chair

Painted Pad Chair2

One more nighttime pic…
Finished Painted Pad Chair


November 8, 2013

This week brought some tough thoughts for me. For my family. None of which were life changing, thank goodness, but enough that got me to really, really thinking.

Can you feel God working? Sometimes, I feel like He’s right there. Other times, not so much. But I know VERY well. That means I’ve moved farther away, not Him. He wants us to lean on Him in everything we do. Every.single.thing. we do is supposed to glorify Him. Everything. Not just one thing. Everything. Every moment. Every thought. (I keep saying I’m going to write about our Sunday school lesson a couple of weeks ago about that but I just can’t put the right words together yet.)

In the meantime…These posts will change the way you think. Or perhaps, open your eyes. For me, it changed the way I thought. Everything FPFG  writes does.

If you’re not prepared for that, don’t visit these blogs. I’m sharing these because some of you requested more links to Christian blogs I read. I hope. I pray, you are brought closer.

“I know some of you want a little crazy in your life. You know it won’t be without a price, but I promise you this: it won’t be without shiny prizes, either. The crazy will wrap its many arms around you and squeeze you ’til you’re blue. It’ll stir you up until you’re confused about the place of new Winter boots in the broad scheme of life. You won’t care because God told you to. You’ll care because the thought of losing track of those faces will hurt more than a thousand tired nights. You’ll care because you’ll fall in love.” -FPFG Go here to read the rest of the post…

“The chain reacted and now there are more. They’re almost everywhere and they live in a way that I used to judge. It seemed so dang simple – get a job already. I thought I had their solution without knowing one single thing about them or their culture or the issues they face. What embarrasses me even more is that I didn’t see that as a problem. It never mattered enough to dig deeper, so I didn’t bother picking up the shovel.” -FPFG Then, here.

“I am not amazing.  God is amazing.  God is the one who equips us to do HIS work.  Doing this right now and even enjoying it comes from Him.  I am not crazy, either.  And I am working every day to not say “no” to what God puts in front of me.  I have said “no” to Him tons in the past and missed out on blessings left and right.  I would be crazy tell Him no.” And finally…here.

I’d love to know what you think….share in the comments…

A Short Story

November 3, 2013

This morning, Kuy came running in our room saying, “Cay-bay cying!!” (translated to Cray Bay is crying…which is our nickname for Cray).  (And yes, we have a monitor…we were already aware he was crying.)

So, Russ, headed to their rooms and immediately came running back.

I thought something was wrong but then he was dying laughing and said, “I’ve got to get a picture of this.” He wouldn’t tell me what it was and said there wasn’t any way I would believe him if he didn’t take a picture. I thought maybe Cray was standing up in the crib.



Turns out, he’s just got a great big brother who thinks trucks will make everyone stop crying.


Love these kids.

I’m also thankful this Sunday for spontaneous Target trips and Cartwheel. I’m so thankful that I had some girl time. Thanks, B, for being up for a Target run at eight o’clock on a Sunday night.