A Short Story

November 3, 2013

This morning, Kuy came running in our room saying, “Cay-bay cying!!” (translated to Cray Bay is crying…which is our nickname for Cray).  (And yes, we have a monitor…we were already aware he was crying.)

So, Russ, headed to their rooms and immediately came running back.

I thought something was wrong but then he was dying laughing and said, “I’ve got to get a picture of this.” He wouldn’t tell me what it was and said there wasn’t any way I would believe him if he didn’t take a picture. I thought maybe Cray was standing up in the crib.



Turns out, he’s just got a great big brother who thinks trucks will make everyone stop crying.


Love these kids.

I’m also thankful this Sunday for spontaneous Target trips and Cartwheel. I’m so thankful that I had some girl time. Thanks, B, for being up for a Target run at eight o’clock on a Sunday night.


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