DIY Rolling Drawer Storage

Our shoe storage situation has really been bugging me. I tried a basket under a bench. And I loved it. Until the top broke. I guess that’s what I get for paying all of $3…at a thrift store, of course! (Now, it’s the perfect toy storage in the living room!)

Fast forward weeks (maybe months later) until I found a beat up black end table ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m having some luck there lately but this is one of my favorite projects!

For a while, I just placed one of the drawers from the broken table under the bench hoping one day to have a vision and put some casters on it like I had seen so many different times on Pinterest. And one of my new friends just posted a similar tutorial for rolling storage!

Then, one day, I was out in the building digging for something, and I came across these pieces of wood from our refrigerator and an idea struck.

You know how much I love stripes and I had just picked up a new sample of paint at Lowe’s I was dying to try!

I quickly painted the wood pieces in white and bluish.

Once they were dry, I took some wood glue and painter’s tape to attach the pieces the left it to dry overnight. The wood was a little longer than the drawer but I kind of liked it that way (excuse the photo bomb by Cray).

wood shim close up

I talked Russ into drilling me some holes for a handle (notice I had to pull one of my already dried pieces off to do this…not terrible but not ideal).

IMG_2573 IMG_2574 IMG_2575

And my wonderful parents grabbed me some casters at Lowe’s.

Now, if you’re not handy with a drill, no worries! I put these casters on with HOT GLUE! All I did was flip the drawer over and GLUED them to the bottom.

rolling drawer storage

I’m telling you. These projects aren’t hard and they make a huge impact!

Rolling Drawer Shoe Storage  shoes storage

Now, I love our shoe storage and both boys are already learning where everything goes! It makes life so much easier!

What do you do for shoe storage around your house?


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Free Photo Book Today!

We interrupt this “Using What You’ve Got Series” (that I just made up today since I told you about the pillow and the runner to make using stuff you probably already have) to tell you that I FINALLY made a photo book on Shutterfly for FREE! Hurry! Use the code STORYTIME and you can choose a simple path (and it will be made for you) OR a custom path and make it fit for you! 🙂 I used our Christmas pictures and…

All I had to pay was shipping and for a couple of extra pages I added!

Check it out here!

Click here to view this photo book larger

Build your own high-quality photo books at

Don’t you worry…in no way am I getting compensated for this…just trying to help you get a good deal!

Baby Blanket Pillow

My friend, Tammy, uses polka dots so well. She makes them look neutral, cute, and pretty all at the same time!

One day, digging for something in the “linens trunk,” I saw a pretty fuzzy polka dot blanket and a light bulb went off!

Just earlier that day, we were putting some items away and I found a teal pillow we had used in our guest room before it was Kuy’s big boy room.

I had the perfect solution…all it took was some safety pins! (I still haven’t learned how to sew!)

I folded it over the pillow and ta-da!

baby blanket pillow text

I’m telling you, it’s really possible to use things you have to freshen up around the house.

baby blanket safety pin pillow

You just have to notice. I’m not implying you become a hoarder but notice things in a different way. I am constantly changing things from room to room (probably causing my husband much turmoil as he already loses his keys everyday so moving the bowl to put them in doesn’t really help). BUT, all that said, just moving a lantern from the fireplace to the dining room table, made a new centerpiece without going to buy something for spring.

baby blanket covered pillow

What can you use around the house? What can you easily change around creating something new in another room?




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Bathroom Bar Cart

I found this bar cart months ago and for some reason, my bathroom, not the kitchen or dining room, immediately came to my mind.

Soon, I will do a full bathroom update but here is what our bathroom looked like BEFORE:

the guest bath

Yeah, pretty bad.

You see, our house sat empty for three years and there was a leak in the roof that rotted out the ceiling and floor (You can read the entire story…well, almost all of it…

Anyway, back to the bar cart.

This is what IT looked like before:

before bar cart

But for $10, I knew it had potential.

Unfortunately, it sat outside for months before I could do anything to it.

Bless its heart, it even endured a snow.

snow bar cart

I finally got around to painting it this week. I tried and tried to scrape off as much as I could but I didn’t have much luck.

I ended up just spray painting it with gray primer then spraying on two coats of Azure Snow.

finished bar cart

THEN, my savior…this fabulous wrapping paper that I found at TJ Maxx! My friend, Tammy, always uses wrapping paper in so many creative ways so I grabbed it a few nights ago when I was checking out. Later that night, as I was walking up to my house, I saw the half painted bar cart still outside and it clicked!

The perfect little placemats!

bar cart top

I thought about mod podging (if that’s a verb) them down, but instead just laid it down on top.

bar cart bottom

I found this PRECIOUS FREE PRINTABLE  that I loved and put it in a frame on top of burlap from My Fabuless Life . I love this little saying because when Russ and I were on our honeymoon, we ate at this FANTASTIC little café every day for lunch and a bird would join us and eat a fry every day! This reminds me, of course, of the delicious jerk calamari and the blue ocean water….

bar cart

Easy as pie!

Before and After Bar Cart

What do you use as storage in the bathroom?

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The Pantry Door

This is a super easy update that makes a big impact!


Paint your pantry door!

I had seen various ideas from screen doors to bright colors as pantry doors and as the snow kept piling up down south, the more I was itching to do something!

bright pantry door

I don’t even know how to add more words to make this post longer because that’s really it. A gallon of paint, a paintbrush and about twenty minutes is all you need!

I made the wreath from a placemat, ribbon, and a T I had around the house (in the china cabinet, I think!).

I bought the placemats in a new package (NWT!) for $1 at a thrift store.


Then, tied a piece of twine through the bow I made. Put ribbon around the T that you can barely see, stuck a tack in the door, and Ta-Da!

placemat wreath

A new door and wreath but sooo much better looking when you walk in the front door!

bright pantry door

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